I had to step away and get me some ramen.

This was definitely one of the better bowls I’ve had in awhile.

Speaking of bowls, Neil’s limited edition spaghetti featuring Asia Dog sausage was a must eat even though I was full.

And my bro was in town so we went to suck on some octopus.

Things are somewhat back to normal I think.

Burger Bash 2014…

Welcome to the bash…

Such a beautiful day for burgers…


And the beach.

Scoping out our booth.

“Double Wagyu Patty”!!!

Assembling our Team Ramen Burger Miami.

It was crazy and we were all working so hard that I didn’t have time to take anymore pictures until Rachael Ray stopped by. Lots of great comments from everyone who tried the Ramen Burger. Someone even came up to me and said we were “doing God’s work!” Haha awesome. Apparently we had the longest line too.

But with all the love from the people, unfortunately we couldn’t get any love from the judges.

Overall it was an awesome experience. Thank you Burger Bash, Burger Maker, and Sun Noodle. And Amstel Light for all the beer.

But we couldn’t have done it without these guys. The FIU student volunteers were incredible. Thank you so much.

Me and Joshua Stone from Fat Sal’s in Los Angeles.

And the Judges Award winner of the night–Shake Shack…with my secret shoyu sauce.

Everything tastes better with my secret shoyu sauce.