Dicey dinner…

Day 1120:

When hanging out with ramen friends, even when you’re not going to eat ramen, it’s easiest to meet up at a ramen shop first. Tonight, Tamayakata (らーめんたま館) in Tachikawa was our meeting point.

Then it was off to dinner nearby.

This dinner was only dicey because it was with Koitani-san and the Saikoro team + Hiroshi. Jiraigen Syndicate!!!

Dinner was so much fun that Boom and I missed our last train. We did manage to get to Fujimigaoka though. And the first thing I did when we got there was search for ramen. Ookubo (つけ麺 らーめん おおくぼ) was the closest shop still open so we hopped in for a bowl.

Boom got the Shoyu Ramen.

And I got the Atukara Tsukemen (あつからつけ麺).

I’m assuming atsukara means hot & spicy…

Cuz this separate dipping bowl was pretty hot and spicy.

Just add a few spoonfuls of soup…

And viola! Another tsukedare.

Okay I’m way to drunk for this. I think I see something in the bamboo forest.

Do you see it too?

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