Trick or bush…

Day 1093:

No tricks here. Just The Bush.

Happy Halloween everyone! Not much excitement this year since we’ve been busy getting things back in order after NY. And unfortunately, no Bassaween this year either. Although a customer did forgot some maid outfits last week and Boom wanted to wear them today. I stopped him. You’re welcome.

Tokyo Ramen Show 2012…

Day 1092:

It’s that time of year again. This year’s Ramen Show features 40 booths split into two weeks (20 per week) and today I caught the last day of the first week. Some of the booths were already sold out, but there were still plenty of ramen to be slurped on this Tuesday afternoon.

Without much time and only one stomach, I just set out try a ramen that looked good.

And Hachioji Ramen (八王子ラーメン) from the Tamagumi (多摩組) group stood out the most. 12 shops from around Tokyo collaborated on this ramen. And why did I pick a Tokyo ramen when there were so many others from around Japan?

Well, it looked good.

And it tasted good.

My second bowl was probably one of the more popular bowls of this year’s show. Osaka Black (大阪ブラック) from King-emon (金久右衛門).

The line was long and it moved quick…

But the ramen was a little disappointing.

The soup had an interesting bitterness that wasn’t necessarily bad, but the noodles didn’t feel like they matched.

Alright, that’s it for the Tokyo Ramen Show (for this week at least). I have a filming to attend!

And…that’s a wrap!

Afterwards I stopped by the 808 Lounge to give Uno-san some gifts.

Then it was off to meet some peeps for dinner.

Thank you Leo (and sparkling wife) from Kirimachi Ramen in SF! Very nice to meet you!!

Meanwhile, back at the lounge…

A bloody mary with liquid smoke.

And more oysters…smoked.

I’m not a smoker, but everything just smells and tastes like smoke now.

ET forever…

Day 1091:

After a long weekend, I finally had time to go to ET.



ET! (in case you were new and didn’t know what ET stood for.)

Heaven in a bowl…

Heaven in my soul.

I ate this bowl for lunch and soon thereafter I passed out…and next thing I knew it was midnight. I guess I’m still jet-lagged.

Last minute meals…

Day 1087:

I wanted a carne asada burrito, but a western bacon cheeseburger took its place.

At the airport I couldn’t pass up the boneless buffalo wings.

Or the chicken caesar salad.

Goodbye LA!

It was short, but I’m glad I got to stop by. See you again soon!