Above the mountain…

Day 1029:

Ueyama-san was back in Tokyo and he took me to check out Doraichi (麻布麺房どらいち) in Minami-Azabu. Why, you ask? Well, if you recall, Ueyama-san spent time training at Ramen Halu in San Jose and apparently Ramen Halu’s master trained here at Doraichi (back when they were located in Yokohama).

What up Ueyama-san!!

We ended up ordering almost every ramen on the menu.

Miso Ramen (味噌優麺)

Tan Tan Men (坦々麺)

Shoyu Ramen (醤油優麺)

Free Gyoza!!

No Soup Tan Tan Men (冷し坦々麺)

The shop is known for the Shiru-nashi (no soup) Tan Tan Men but I actually enjoyed the one with soup better. Anyway, I never imagined I’d be chillin’ with Ueyama-san in Azabu after devouring four bowls of ramen. Awesome!

Later in the night, things became devilish. 666 is a new shop in Komazawa that hails from Nagano.

Not sure what brought about the name of the shop, but the Temomi Chuukasoba (手もみ中華そば) was heavenly-hellish…

I don’t know what that means…

But let’s just run with it.

You’re welcome?

No, thank you!

Mentsuu boss…

Day 1028:

During break I went across the street to slurp at Mentsuu and have a chat with their boss. Kenji-san is a really cool guy. He threw away his office job and started by opening a yatai in Shibuya. He had no real training in ramen and taught himself practically everything he knows. After ten years doing the yatai he finally shut it down and opened a shop in Shindaita. 20 or so years later it is still going strong.

Great guy with lots of knowledge about ramen. His dream is to someday open a ramen shop in America. I think I may know someone who can help with that…