The last snow…

Day 848:

It started to snow a little on my way home last night, but I never thought I’d wake up to this.

It must have been a pretty big storm.

Anyway, it was freezing and walking through the slush called for some ET.

Ahh..the flavor is coming back.


Day 847:

Since I was up bright and early and couldn’t stand the smell of my apt, I left to go grab a bowl at Toride (麺の坊 砦) in Shinsen.

Toride is known for their Tonkotsu Ramen, but today they had a special Shoyu Ramen and my hunger locked on to it.

It was actually pretty nice. It had a sweet, yet rustic taste to it. Or is that cuz everything just tastes like smoke? Haha.

Anyhow, back at basa, after a little prep, I quickly downed Nobo’s omiage from his recent trip to Taiwan. Thanks Nobo!

Hey look! Bassanova in Setagaya Life Magazine!

Okay, I’ve been craving some good AMERICAN barbecue lately and I remembered a friend telling me about Hatos Bar in Nakameguro so I went to go check it out. Craft beer and barbecue…now this is my kind of place.

Chili fries!!

Baby back ribs!!!

Mac and cheese!!!

Craving definitely satisfied! Seriously, if you too are yearning for some good bbq in Tokyo, then GO to Hatos Bar! And tell them Keizo sent ya!

Any normal person probably would have gone home and slept after a heavenly meal like the one above, but Nobo and I are definitely not normal. Yup, we decided to wash all that bbq down with a bowl from Dyurumen Buta-aji (づゅる麺 豚あじ 恵比寿神社前) in Ebisu.

Nobo got the NBS48 ramen, which is supposedly made with 48g of niboshi. It tasted a lot like…niboshi.

I got the Tokusei Tsukemen.

What was I thinking?

Cheese senbei!!!

What was I thinking?

The imaginary friend…

Day 846:

In the sleepy backstreets near Daitabashi Station, there are a couple of ramen/chuuka shops mostly frequented by locals. Eirakuhanten (栄楽飯店) is one of them and it is certainly unique.

After I sat down and ordered, the chef began rambling about something. At first I thought he was talking to the only other customer at the end of the counter, but then that customer left and the chef kept rambling. I wasn’t exactly sure what he was saying, but it seemed like a pretty intense political debate. It was actually quite interesting. He was definitely not crazy (whatever that means), but it made me think that maybe he was missing something. Or someone.

Anyhow, the ramen here lacks imagination but is not to be hated.

Neither is the gyoza. But it’s all good.

Up in smoke?

Tori cheese!

Cheese yakionigiri!

Okay, so I almost died tonight. I fell asleep with my space heater on and the coat that I left hanging on the chair above it decided to fall right on top of it. Needless to say, I woke up to a distinct burning smell and a room full of smoke. *cough cough. HOLY S&*7! MY JACKET IS ON FIRE!

Cozened crave…

Day 845:

I was craving Iekei…

Katsuraya in Honancho

So I slurped a bowl…

And then realized I really wasn’t craving it at all.

That’s my love/hate relationship with Iekei.

Still kickin’…

Day 843:

Lately it’s been rare to see Fukuju (福寿) open when I pass by, so when I passed by today and saw the owner in his trademark shorts (btw it’s still winter) just living the happy ramen life, I knew I had to stop.

Sweetness in a bowl…

That lets you take a step back in time.

The noodles are rather stiff compared to other bowls with this much history, but that’s also what gives this bowl an attitude of its own. In a sense, the soul of this bowl resembles the soul of the chef exactly. You’ll know what I mean when you try it.

And you’ll also know what I mean when you see this.

There goes that man again…


Papapapa pine…

Day 842:

Like pineapples?

The owner of Papapapa Pine (パイナップルラーメン屋さん パパパパパイン) in Nishi-Ogikubo does. And he also likes ramen. So why not make a pineapple ramen?, he thought.

Pineapple decor…

Pineapple Shio Ramen…

Pineapple topping…

Pineapple-juice-infused egg………

How about DEM pineapples…

Okay, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad. It’s almost exactly what you think it might taste like with a touch of pepper. One thing is for sure, he’s knows how to market.