Day 819:

It’s Tuesday morning (more like Tuesday afternoon).

I never tried the miso ramen at Daiichigen before and it seems like I’ve been missing out!

Anyhow, time for a Stella.

And some kushiage.

The best part about living and working (and playing) in my hood is that I get to meet a lot of interesting people. I met Kuro-chan (above) at a local bar and he’s been running this small Kushiage shop near Daitabashi Station for a couple years now. If you got the time, go check it out!

This is where I sometimes like to disappear…

Rest up…

Day 817:

For over thirty years, the owner of Chuuka Manrai (中華満来) refused to raise the price of his 200 yen bowl of ramen. He vowed to never change it for as long as he lived.

So imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw that the price had gone up to 250 yen.

Could this really mean what I think it means?

Last October, at the age of 100, the owner suddenly passed away. And his son decided to raise the price 50 yen, hoping that his father would forgive him. I think he will.

Rest in peace, Tsuda-san.


Day 816:

It’s hard to believe that I hadn’t eaten everything on Ryu-chan’s secret menu, but somehow I had overlooked this Karamiso Ramen.

It’s indeed spicy, but it won’t make you sweat.

Everything is good here, but I still think the miso curry is the best.

Walk on…

Day 814:

In the morning, I walked through Shinjuku until I reached 二丁目 つけめん GACHI.

It’s another new shop that has been receiving plenty of hype lately.

But nothing really seems to live up to the hype anymore.

This Tonkotsu-Gyokai tsukemen was plenty good, but also plenty complicated.

Then after a brief walk to the pond…

I took a walk in the park.

Those aren’t my footsteps, I swear!

Ooh a “California-style” hot dog!

It must be a different California. Btw, I asked for no pickles and onions.

Time to take a break and watch other people walk.

There’s nothing like walking home in the freezing cold with hot cup of oden.

It’s a sausage!