15 generations…

Day 697:

A new ramen shop, Jyugodaime Tetsu-men (十五代目 哲麺), opened in Higashi-Matsubara near Bassanova. You know what that means…competition!!

Uuuh…nvmd. 十五代目 means 15 generations of handing down this ramen, but they should have stopped at maybe 1. Aside from being cheap, there’s no competition here.

Basa is 1000x better.

Chili dog agrees.

Now this…is love.


Now this is homemade chili. Yeah man, you better watch out with what I do with this.

Thanks Laris for the recipe! With the available ingredients, this is the best I could do…

Exact change…

Day 696:

“For those that pay with a 10,000 yen note or 5,000 yen note, I DON’T HAVE ANY CHANGE!”

We all love Jake-san. Recently, his tiny little shop has been featured on ads in the Keio line trains and things seemed to have gotten crazy busy.

But it’s cool…we VIP!

And Jake-san finally realized that we give him a free egg when he comes to basa so today he gave me a free egg in return. Or did he?…hmm.

He is a clever man. But aren’t we all?

The ramen you see above looks like all the others, but it’s new…and it’s good. And there are only two bowls left.

Lost in the bush…

Day 695:

The assistant has never been to Kusamura aka The Bush. But that all changes today.

For I introduced her to Mr. Bush himself. The real Mr. Bush (Dick would be working the night shift). Anyway, the old man is a classic ramen chef, grunts and all.

And his ramen can only be described as good. Good for your appetite, good for your love, and good for your soul.

The gyoza are good too but the ramen is what makes magic happen.

Speaking of magic…


Night pic…

Day 694:

With the weather cooling somen is getting out of style, but it’s easy and good.

Just like this microwave guratan (gratin).

And they both taste better with this wasabi salt I picked up in Izu.

Anyway, off to the night pic!

Oops, I got distracted on the way.

I didn’t take any pics of this night pic-nic, but if you live in Tokyo and want to meet new people there’s a gathering almost every Tuesday night in Yoyogi park.

The pic-nic is fun, but I always look forward to the after pic.


Why does this feel like so long ago?


Day 693:

The only thing better than waking up to this…is waking up and jumping into this.

Yo Paul, you need to bring Sarah to one of these!

Breakfast was…


But all good things come to an end to get replaced by other good things.

We had a pretty tight schedule to follow and I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to fit a ramen shop in on our way home. When we arrived in Atami I had about 20 min to spare so I ran to Amakara Honpo (雨風本舗) and downed a bowl in 5.

The shop was small with only 7 I’m-almost-sitting-on-the-next-guys-lap seats and the master was hard at work cranking out bowl after bowl.

The Shoyu Ramen was dark, deep, and effing good. Just the way I like it.

I couldn’t confirm if the noodles were homemade but they sure tasted like it. There’s gotta be some Shirakawa roots here.

Anyway, we made it back to Tokyo just in time. いいね!Can you believe this billboard in Ginza? (fyi, the likes are supposed to represent what the girls are wearing and not the actual girls.)

Dinner with the president! Kumamoto-style!


The chicken wings and satsuma-age were my fave.

And you know we had to close things off with noodles.

As always, thank you mister president.

Onsen in Izukogen…

Day 692:

Without a typhoon in sight, the assistant and I headed back to Izu for a day at the onsen. But first we needed to fuel up.


Then we got to ride on the coolest train ever.

But I still couldn’t figure out why everyone was taking my picture.

Haha, jk. Doraemon train!!

Four hours later we finally made it to Izukogen and our ryokan was only a short taxi ride away.

At check-in, we were greeted with some fresh green tea.

And then…we melted.

I cannot walk in these.

For dinner there was a 14-course meal awaiting.

Here are some of the highlights.

Time for bed.

Scratch that…time to get drunk in the hot tub onsen!

Sengoku she…

Day 691:

The lunch shift was chill today. I even had time to eat before I opened.

And look what I found at Family Mart. Cup Gunpla!! I know you want one!

Sen goku shi!!

Here’s a few of the things that the assistant missed while in France.

Mabo Ramen!

Aside from some dude at the next table passing out and getting a concussion, this was a great reunion.

As always, thanks mum!