They do…

Day 635:


Debbie and Rob!

Here’s to a wonderful life together as one!

Thank you for the awesome buffet!

and Noodles!

No comment.

Party time!

Closing time. What a beautiful day.

There were a few reasons for coming home this time, but Debbie’s wedding was definitely the main. I’m so happy for you Debbie. You and Rob make a great pair. Congrats!!!

Avoiding fire…

Day 634:

Only in America will I eat instant ramen for breakfast.

There’s just not enough good ramen here.

My good friend Debbie from high school is getting married tomorrow and tonight was the pre-party.

Next to a cozy fire.

A fire that the groom-to-be danced around.

And I stayed far away. You won’t see me jumping into any fires anytime soon…haha.


Day 632:

Lunch with the old crew.

Where the prime rib sandwich is Proven.

Then a visit with an old friend.

Kairakutei in Tustin.

I miss Tokyo. haha.

Maybe this balloon can take me back (Did you know it’s free?). Nevermind, it’s tethered.

Create it, then find it?

Shrimp cocktail!




Thanks Paulina!

Lates Vegas…

Day 631:

Thanks for holding on to my money.

I’ll be back to make a withdrawal someday.

Or maybe I’ll be back to serve you some $50 ramen.

The Aliens will decide my fate.




Day 630:

Bacon and egg quesadilla from Del Taco…fuel.

Five-hour drive to the Grand Canyon…far.

Hoover Daaaaamn!



We are ants.

Grand indeed!

Five-hour drive home…far.

Monta Ramen was my motivation for driving home, a new shop claiming to serve Kurume-style tonkotsu in Las Vegas.

This is no Kurume Taiho but decent for Vegas. The people seem to like it. I thought the Tonkotsu Ramen was a tad too sour but couldn’t quite place where it was coming from.

The noodles fared fairly well considering that they seem to be the achilles heel for most ramen in the states.

The Shoyu Ramen was considerably better than the one I had yesterday.

But I wasn’t a fan of these noodles.

So…looking for ramen in Las Vegas? Monta is your best bet.

And I can also bet the chef will improve with more experience…

Need mo zen…

Day 629:

Time for some shopping.


And eating.

I actually hate buffets. haha.

How about we relax?

Take a swim.

And get MOzen.

I wanted to order the room service ramen last night, but fell asleep. MOzen Bistro inside Mandarin Oriental had the same ramen on their menu, but at $26 did I really want to try it?

Dammit, I couldn’t resist. At least I’d be losing my money to ramen and not the poker tables. Anyway, you don’t really want to know what I think do you? Let me just say this: If you can charge $26 for this **** in Vegas, imagine what I could charge for a bowl of GCS.

I asked the waiter (he was cool) if the soup base was made with chicken and he replied: “No it’s beef! That’s what the pork is stewed in.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant by that, but whatever.

No mo zen for me…