Slurping through Tokyo with The New York Times

I have to take a quick break from Living The Ramen Dream to let you know about the epic ramen article in the New York Times today. It was written by Matt Gross and is titled One Noodle at a Time in Tokyo. It features my ramen buddies Brian from and Nate from who have recently begun to dominate the Tokyo ramen scene. This is quite possibly the best article ever written about ramen in the English-speaking world. Matt does a really great job of describing his six-day adventure of consuming the best of the best. He even visits my two favorite ramen shops–Bassanova and Ivan Ramen (not just saying that cuz I work there). This is a big step for ramen. I’m just happy to be a part of it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled dreaming…

2 Replies to “Slurping through Tokyo with The New York Times”

  1. thanks for being such a devoted fan! i personally don't think my story fit into the article. no worries, it was a great story for ramen and that's the most important part. nate is a friend and he deserved to be in there.

    ps, my story is still in the making 😉

  2. just curious why they didn't mention you or your website in the NY Times article. You are more hard core than because you actually devoted yourself to ramen, whereas Nate just took two weeks of ramen taste testing. anyway, I am a devoted fan in New Jersey. Good luck.

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